About Us

A. Ochre Advantage is interested in buying and selling horses. If you have, or know of, a horse that could potentially train to event please let us know.

B.   If you have a horse for which you can no longer afford to keep or need some monetary assistance in order to keep your beloved horse please contact us, we will be willing to look at the financial situation on a case by case basis and potentially help you.  


Horses are a delightful addition to so many families.  They build character and strength with their riders, they offer love and companionship.  Contact Ochre Advantage to partner with us today. 


We ride and work under the best trainers in central Maine.  Contact us at 207.692.7383 or rebekah@ochreadvantage.com

Meet Zaynah

She is a beautiful 15.3 hand,11 year old registered Friesian.   Zaynah is perfecting her Eventing skills, she is currently showing at novice level, but is capable of much more.   Zaynah is a beautiful mover, one everyone loves to watch.  Keep an eye out for when she will be for sale.